Why an Orlando Doctor Should Hire a SEO Consultant

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Can you believe that 90% of Orlando patients check online reviews before they make an appointment with a doctor? Isn’t that insane? Just a short decade ago online reviews wasn’t even a thing, and now 50% of online traffic is through online review sites. Experts are predicting this trend will grow more and stronger over time.


Orlando Doctors, your potential patients are searching the Internet for a new doctor and you need to be able to reach them.


How, you might ask? The easiest and quickest solution would be through SEO (search engine optimization). Most Orlando, FL doctors do not have the time or even the skills to run an effective SEO strategy.


This is why it is crucial to hire an Orlando SEO consultant. We will go very few, but poignant reasons to hire a Florida SEO specialist today.

Orlando Medical Office

The Doctor Next Door Hired an Orlando SEO Agency


You’ve sat in your medical office as you watched droves of new Orlando patients going next door to your completion. Why is that? You look them up and see that when you type in Orlando Doctor they are in the top position. Is this why there are so many new people going into their office? The answer – Absolutely!


What can you do about it? Learn from them, follow their lead, and hire an Orlando SEO company too. If not, they will keep pulling in new business while eventually you will have to shutter your doors.


An Orlando SEO expert will analyze what your competition is doing to be in the top spot. They will find the strengths and the weak spots to take advantage of. They will see the keywords your competition is using, and take this information to make you, their client different and stand out, giving you a distinct advantage with your SEO Strategy.


Fact – Your Florida Medical Office will Not Survive if you do Not Rank on Google


Google uses algorithms to their search results. This might confuse you, and you might not even like it. Most Orlando SEO companies that are at the top of their game no how Google’s algorithm works (they study it continuously) so they know how to make their clients rank. It’s a matter of common sense – if you rank on page 1 of Google, and better yet, sit at the number 1 position your patients will find you, contact you, which allows you new business. You see how easy that is to understand?

Orlando SEO Expert

Get More Patients Coming to Your Orlando Medical Website


If potential Orlando, FL patients are not coming to your website, then you will not get new patients. The way to fix this is an SEO Consultant in Orlando to rank you in the top 3 positions on Google.


It is the Orlando SEO experts job to get your website in front of as many potential patients as possible with digital marketing tactics. Search engine optimization is the only marketing method that actually targets traffic that wants your medical services. No other marketing technique – radio, television, PPC allows you to profit at such a low ROI.

Quality over Quantity


If you’re not a newb to Orlando SEO, then you might be aware that several years ago you could buy a bunch of links (non-specific) and have them directed to your website and it would shoot your website to the top of the search results. This method does not work anymore – not even a little.  It’s considered bad seo tactics. In fact, having their site deindexed – taken out of the search results penalizes anyone that uses this method usually. Therefore, no one ever finds it.


Everyone in Orlando will know your Name


One of the great benefits of investing into SEO in Orlando, Florida is your medical brand will get a huge boost. When your brand (your name) is what is found when someone searches for an Orlando doctor how will they play out with the potential patient? Do you think it will build trust? That they will think, “this isn’t a shady doctor. If I can find them this easily, they must be good.” What if you can’t be found online? Can the opposite hold true? “I can’t find this doctor anywhere. That’s pretty shady!” Since review sites are what potential clients use to make their decision on using a doctor that proves that trust plays a big role in online sales. Having your brand dominate the search results is one of the easiest and most effective methods to building online trust.


Orlando SEO is one of the Best Investments you can Make



Even though SEO Orlando strategies have changed multiple times within the last decade, we all know it’s not going anywhere any time soon. It is the most effective method for a medical professional or business to make a name for themselves, and to build a very profitable practice.


Orlando SEO is not a fad. It will be here today and stay here for the next several years. However, SEO in Orlando methods can change drastically and quickly. If you want your medical website to have the top spot you will need to hire an Orlando SEO consultant.

SEO Services Orlando

SEO is so intricate and complicated it is now being compared to an art form. You have to get it just right.  Do you have time to learn everything you would need to know to be on top? Not only that, you would have to be continually educating yourself to stay on top? How are you going to treat patients and run a medical practice if all your time is spent on Orlando SEO?


Stuff you would have to Know to be an Orlando SEO Expert


  • How to optimize your medical website
  • How to read and know the current state of your medical website
  • How to backlink properly and safely to your medical website
  • How to make sure your patients have a good online experience with your website.
  • How to effectively use your social media to bring power and relevance to your medical website.


You most likely were reading a foreign to the above points, and this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SEO in Florida. This is why it needs to be outsourced to an Orlando SEO company.