What Kind of Health Insurance Should Delaware Roofing Contractors Have?

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Did you know that Delaware roofers face various risks while doing their job? For instance, a roofer can fall down from the roof which may cause injuries that may ruin his ability to perform his duties and earn a living. There are occurrences that may happen on the roofing site that may damage equipments or property and injure your employees. If you are a roofing contractor looking for ways to deal with these roofing risks, then this article is designed for you. This article will provide information about the benefits and the type of health insurance that you should have for your roofing business.

Tips to help Delaware roofing companies or any roofer choose the right health insurance for their business

A good Delaware health insurance company will help contractors to choose the right policies for their business. Generally, there are 5 types of insurance policies that are mostly used by Delaware roofers as discussed below:

General Liability Insurance


This type of insurance policy will help roofing contractors protect the following:

-Bodily injury at the job site

This policy is able to safeguard the contractor in case his employee or any other person is injured at the site by his employees.

-Personal injury

It protects any damage to the reputation of any other business by the roofing contractors on issues like infringing the copyright or privacy.

-Medical Payments

It caters for the cost of medication of any person injured at your site.

Workers Compensation Insurance


This is a policy that the employees to be compensated for salaries lost or medical cost that may arise due to a job-related injury that hampers their ability to continue working. Roofing contractors are advised to take this policy as it can save them a lot of money in the future.

Roofers bond


This is another type of policy that most roofing contractors choose. The type of bond is agreed upon by the contractor and his customer. The type of bond has several conditions that are suitable to all parties that may include: performance, licensing, and payment terms. These bonds help to assure your potential client that you are capable of completing the projects as per the agreed schedule.

Property/Equipment insurance


This type of insurance policy is very crucial to roofing contractors as it helps in covering all the losses involved in case of an accident. It saves roofing contractors money that could have been used in repairs or buying new machinery.


Finding the right Delaware health insurance for your Delaware roofers is a complex task and is crucial for roofing contractors to seek guidance from experienced insurance agents. They will help get the right policy tailored to your specific roofing business needs.