Insurance Coverage for Maryland Roof Contractors That Can Save Your Life

Insurance coverage for roof contractors that can save your life

Without proper precautions, working on Maryland roofs is one of the most dangerous construction operations. The most common accidents suffered by workers are due to:

1. Falls from the roof edge

2. Falls through roof openings

3. Falls through fragile roofs

4. Cuts from metal roofing Maryland.

Although most accidents occur to roof workers, there are many other workers who simply tend to keep or clean roofs. To work on roofs in safety conditions requires knowledge, experience, and special equipment. Before starting, precautions should be taken to reduce the risk of falls, or if they occur, do not cause serious injury to workers. These precautions will depend on the type of roof and the nature of the work to be performed and also it is necessary to have good health insurance.

Being insured is vital for any contractor or construction worker. There are many types of insurance coverage required by contractors. Some of the coverages are obligatory by law and others are optional. The type and limits of coverage you need depend on the magnitude of the construction or remodeling projects you carry out, the type of activity you do, the amount of work you subcontract to others and other related criteria.

The basic types of insurance required for most contractors are:

Worker’s Compensation Insurance: This provides compensation for lost wages and medical care for those employees who have been injured during their work, in exchange for the mandatory requirement, to waive an employee’s right to sue their employer for negligence.

Workers Compensation: Is the most expensive insurance coverage. Premiums are based on the type of labor you use as well as on the company’s claim history. For example, it will be more costly to insure a blacksmith than a painter, because of the different level of risk of both trades.

General Liability Insurance: General contractor liability insurance protects your company against bodily injury claims and property damage due to negligence.

The Excess or Global Coverage Insurance: Is a liability coverage that exceeds the primary liability coverage provided by the basic policies of general liability, labor compensation, and vehicle liability.

It is necessary to have health insurance for all Maryland roofers who specialize in roofing as it guarantees them proper medical care. While these types of coverage are common to most contractors, some projects will require specific coverage limits as well as other related endorsements and texts that your insurance company will provide. You can send these requirements to your insurance agent before you bid on a project to ensure that you can comply with the terms of the contract.