What to do if your Washington DC Dentist Office Floods




When your dental office floods, the water can cause lots of havoc to your expensive dental machines, computers, and personal belongings and even spoil the client’s files. Flood water has lots of mud and contaminants, and darkwave might even cause more severe damage to your roofing, heater, ducks, utilities and well systems. Calling a Plumber Washington dc would be a good idea. Here is what to do if your Washington DC Dentist Office Floods


Call the Insurance Agents

Calling your insurer is a safer way to know if any damaged types of equipment will be covered. Your agent will check the damage and advise you on the list of items they have insured. It is advisable to take photos or even video of all the damaged equipment and list them all. You will need complete records for applications for disaster assistance, insurance claims and income tax deductions in Washington.


Keep the Office safe

Safety always comes first, and the first thing is to switch off power connection in all affected rooms. It is advisable to switch the power from the primary connection.


Contact your Plumber

A qualified Plumber Washington dc will guide you in knowing the source of fresh water and switch it off to prevent contamination.


Pumping the office

For your office to be pumped completely, you need to license Plumber Washington dc who knows how to handle flooding disasters. Pumping the flood water out should be done carefully to avoid collapsing and cracking of the floors and walls.


Removing the floor covering

To examine the damage on your dental office floor, remove the floor covering. This allows for the subflooring to get cleaned up and also to dry; you need the assistance of Plumber Washington dc to check out if there is any plumbing problem on your floor.


The Plumber Washington DC gives you a helping hand when you want to assess and remove flood water from your dental office.