The Right Veterinarian for my Pet Bird


Bird Veterinarian



A pet bird such as my blue parrotlet is usually your lifelong friend and companion. Like one would care for a family member, the pet owner needs to feel comfortable and secure that his or her bird is in good and capable hands. A Bird Veterinarian or an Avian Veterinarian should ideally be knowledgeable about birds and be patient and confident in his / her handling of them.

A Bird veterinarian should be a licensed animal health professional who is aptly qualified treat and then diagnose diseases or injuries in most species of birds. The basic qualification is that of a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (DVM degree), a course which trains and qualifies him /her to treat a large variety of animal species.

It is imperative that the owner should feel at comfortable and at ease with the vet; an understanding and co-operative relationship between the vet and his/ her patient and owner is essential to ensuring a bird’s health.

The first visit


A long-lasting bird veterinarian -owner-patient relationship ideally begins when the bird is brought for the first veterinary visit. A veterinarian experienced with birds should educate owners about preventative health care, beginning at the very first veterinary visit.

Dealing with your bird


An experienced bird veterinarian should approach the bird gently and patiently. During the physical examination, the vet must examine the pet bird thoroughly and systematically, just as he or she might examine any other pet,like a dog or cat.

The bird veterinarian owner relationship


During the examination and diagnosis, a good avian/ bird veterinarian must explain to the owner as to why he or she is suggesting a particular course of treatment or medication. If administering tests, then the reasons why the tests need to be conducted.

Typically, a good bird veterinarian can perform basic exams, diagnose illness, prescribe medication. In addition, he/she also makes dietary recommendations, and does appropriate follow up exams. For your pet, you must ensure that your bird veterinarian has relevant experience in companion bird practice (others practices are poultry production and exotic birds)

An important factor to consider is the availability of your avian veterinarian to respond to emergency calls concerning your pet. Bird handling and care is another distinguishing factor. The layout, maintenance and upkeep of the clinic and premises also plays a vital role in choosing your bird vet. After all, we all look for a professional, systematic establishment with well-trained para-medical staff, where our beloved avian friend does not feel traumatized and where the bird veterinarian is experienced, knowledgeable and re-assuring.