Ambulance Tires – How to Choose the Best Ones?




Ambulance tires are probably the most important aspects of an ambulance when it comes to safety. And why shouldn’t it be? The entire ambulance rests upon its tires. Thus, for this reason, there are certain things that you must keep in mind while choosing the ambulance tires.

Firstly, the tread design of the tires of an ambulance is very important as it influences many things like hydroplaning, the stability of the tire, the grip of the tire and the outlook too. A good tread design makes a tire aesthetically appealing as well. But there are also a few minute details which you must keep in mind while choosing the tires for an ambulance. The gaps between each tread block in a tire is very crucial as this gap is the very reason why a tire has a good grip. So, if the ambulance is going to run in an area which is very rugged, the ambulance tires must definitely have larger voids. If the ambulance is going to run in an area where snowfall is prevalent, then its tires must have deeper grooves.
Secondly, the rubber material of the ambulance tires and the temperature range in which they can perform is also an important factor. You must be wondering why? Well, most people are not aware of the fact that rubber tires are further categorized in certain types depending on their temperature range. Some tires can perform in both dry and wet conditions while some are specially meant for regions which have rainfall for almost the entire year.
Thirdly, the inflation of tires is equally important like the other factors. When the air in the tires is too low, the ambulance will become sloppy and won’t be able to reach the hospital on time. But a highly inflated tire can bring other catastrophes in the form of accidents.
So the next time you choose tires for an ambulance, don’t forget these points.